Social Contract Questions

Name: Angela R

Imagine living in a state of nature = people have complete freedom = no laws or government. You can do whatever you want.

  1. What would this world be like? (Write a short description of this world).
  2. What would be doe differences about this world and the one in which we live?
  3. What are some positive aspects of this world?
  4. What are some negative aspects of this world?
  5. Would you choose to live in this world? Why or why not?
  6. Is this world even possible? Why or why not?

1. People could do whatever they want, whenever they want, and there would be no consequences. You could steal, lie, cheat and nobody could punish you for it. There would also be no jobs relating to safety and government. There would not be a requirement for education.

2. First of all, we have a stable government that enforces laws. This world has a lack of a government as well as rules and taxes. There would also be no punishment if someone stole your property. In fact, there wouldn't be any law saying that you had any property or ownership in the first place. Lastly, there would be no rules enforcing heath requirements for food and products. We have certain standards all companies have to follow.

3. Some advantages is that we would have unlimited freedom. We would also have no taxes or laws that we dislike from the government. Every one can do whatever they want to fit their own needs.

4. Without the requirement of education, some people may not be able to afford it, and not get a job. Also, if someone violates your personal property or commits a crime in general, there would be no punishment for it. Lastly, there is no requirement for quality of service. Businesses could give you products that are poorly made, or are bad for your health, and wouldn't have to make accommodations.

5. I would not want to live in this world. This is because I would not like the lack of security and safety without important laws that protect us. Also, even with no rules and unlimited freedom, other people may violate our freedom. For example, someone might not agree with our ideas, and could violate our freedom of speech.

6. This world would not be possible. War would break out almost every day. It may be hard to make a living if most people with steal from you. People could also cheat on papers and tests for getting a job, making them not able to fit its requirements.