Social Contract Questions

Name:Amy T

Imagine living in a state of nature = people have complete freedom = no laws or government. You can do whatever you want.

  1. What would this world be like? (Write a short description of this world).
  2. What would be doe differences about this world and the one in which we live?
  3. What are some positive aspects of this world?
  4. What are some negative aspects of this world?
  5. Would you choose to live in this world? Why or why not?
  6. Is this world even possible? Why or why not?

1.I think that this world would be different in many ways. For example we would have no political system to enforce laws and people would be able to do what ever they want whenever they want. I also think that their would be an extremely high crime rate. I also think that the enviornment in general would be really bad since no one would really care about anything.

2. I think that crime would definitly be a difference. I also think that people would be different and they would think differently about the world. Since their would be no laws the crime rate would probably be really high and it would be an unsafe enviornment.

3. I think that since their would be no political system it would be better. People are always argueing about polotics and what is right and what is wrong. So in a world without and laws or anything people wouldn't really argue about the important things that we argue about now.

4. I think that a negative aspect would be is that it would be really unsafe and people would probably be really scared. Also since people are allowed to do what they want it can cause a lot of arguements between people.

5. I would not want to live in that world. I think that it is to disorganized and unsafe. It may sound good saying that you can do whatever you want but it would be a total chaos.

6. I don't think that this world is possible. I don't think it is possible because their would probably be so much work that would have to be put into making t a world like that and I don't think anyone is willing to do that. I also think it will need every single person in the world to put effort into doing that. People would agree and disagree so I think that it would be impossible.