Science Current Events Assignment

Name: Aidan Cornelius

Link to your article:

Write a summary of the article in the space below that explains the following in your own words:
Tatioonie the star wars planet has two stars. recently scientists discovered that a exoplanet orbits two suns. The scientists say that they are lucky to have seen the plant because it only passes in front of the sun 9% of the time because of its orbit pattern. The scientists also say that there are more exoplanets out there that orbit even more suns 3 or 4.Because of Kepler- 453b scientist think that we might be missing other solar systems that only pass there sun a percentage of the time. Scientists say that the next step is to try to find more of these planets if there gravitational pull is great enough they can then find it. Kepler-453b is a very good example of what other plants out there are like and how our solar system might be more uncommon because of having one sun.
  • What the article is about. this article is about how other plants and solar systems have more that one sun.
    • Provide a paragraph summary explaining the Science news that you read about.
  • Why this is interesting to you.
    • Explain why it is interesting to you in three sentences or more.
this is interesting because i get to learn about other planets and solar systems out in the universe.