Science Current Events Assignment

Name: Adam Seeberg

Link to your article:

Write a summary of the article in the space below that explains the following in your own words:
    • It is saying that elephants have a gene that destroys cancer in the elephant. They believe it could hold a cure for cancer. They do not know but believe.
    • Provide a paragraph summary explaining the Science news that you read about.
    • That elephants may have the key to a cure for cancer and they want to see if it will work on us humans. They also have 100 times more cells than us! So that elephants could possibly have a cure for cancer is what it is saying
    • Explain why it is interesting to you in three sentences or more.
    • It is interesting to me because finding a cure for cancer has always been like a joke or basically a mission impossible. Now that this may be the cure once I saw the title I was automatically interested. If this could actually be the cure countless lives could be saved. That is why this topic is interesting. The cure for a disease killing millions.