Science Current Events Assignment

Name: Adam M

Link to your article:

Write a summary of the article in the space below that explains the following in your own words:
    • This article was about the effects of vapor cigarettes
    • The article I read was about how smoking E-Cigarettes makes you want to smoke real cigarettes. The study was done by Brian Primack at the University of Pittsburg School of medicine. He recruited people who had no interest in smoking and all said that they would say no to a cigarette. After a while 37.5 percent of them started smoking tobacco cigarettes at a higher rate which is almost 4 times the population of non- vapors. The school thinks that the nicotine comes in slower, the E-cigarette is used as a sort of beginning cigarette. This just wants to make them move up to real cigarettes.
      . This is interesting because I like to read about big topics like this.
    • This is interesting to me because if you think about it, the vapor cigarettes are worse then real ones in a way. They just provoke the person to start smoking real ones. I find it interesting that cigarette companies don't mind that they profit off of things that slowly kill a person.