Science Current Events Assignment

Name: Javi Turner

Link to your article:

Write a summary of the article in the space below that explains the following in your own words:
The article I read was about how weed killer could get into our house pets. The chemicals were coming off the grass and going onto the animals. Though, they didn't know if the chemicals were getting into the pet owners. So they got many dogs, some of the owners did use chemicals some didn't. Then after a period of time they collected all of the dogs urine. After this they found out that most of the dogs that had had their lawns sprayed were exerting chemicals. Even some that didn't get sprayed had chemicals in their urine. The reason this is interesting is because I have a dog. I want to make sure if we ever use chemicals my dog will be safe. And I think it is interesting to see how animals can be effected by certain things, just like us.